Thursday, August 30, 2012

behind the scenes "Safe and Sound"

This was taken in the middle of another shoot (pictures soon) and I've had this concept in my mind for months! I'm glad I finally got the chance to make it happen

Most of the fire's real, the editing pretty much consisted in stitching different parts of the burning umbrella together! (it was really windy, so we had to lit it multiple times)

First, I took this photo (just in case the umbrella got severely burned... I mean, I needed a backup)

            we covered the umbrella with rubbing alcohol!FYI its not as flamable as it says in the bottle :(

 got right underneath it because YOLO and I needed a nice photo, so it could make the editing WAY easier

 I had more photos where you could see huge flames! but I used them all for the final photo :/ :/ I really should back up my files.. but I mean, you get the idea.
I enlarged some flames in post processing and stitched a whole umbrella out of 5 different photos to create this
then I added another photo for the flames in the bottom right corner, I only had one photo of that (used it in the final photo) because I mean, I set that tire ------>  on fire haha
and after a few tweaks, contrast, and stuff I got this
getting that huge flame on top of the umbrella was so risky and i almost get burned!!! we just kept spilling alcohol on it and the whole thing just caught completely on fire


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